Massive Attack are annoyed people think they just "f**k about".

The British duo - made up of Robert Del Naja, aka '3D' and Grant 'Daddy G' Marshall - are frustrated their manager tells people they only work hard in the months before they release an LP.

Grant said: "There's a rumour that we actually make all our albums in the last six months before they're released and the rest of it is procrastination. That's what the manager says. Six months to make an album, the rest of it's just f***ing about.

"I work really hard. I'm dividing my time between being here, painting in the garage next to my house, trying to finish the sleeve, then we've got rehearsals over at Bath. Average day, I work from about 11, 12, 'til about 10 at night."

Despite his hard work, the 'Special Cases' hitmaker believes it's more difficult for them to start afresh because they work with different people on each album.

He said: "We don't have a solid format, a group of people we work with. After touring an album, you have this strange void that follows it, where you feel slightly displaced, like you've just finished with the circus and you've got to find a new job. You think, OK, what shallwe do next. And you've got all these options. You don't know where to start."