Massive Attack frontman ROBERT DEL NAJA has lashed out at Britain's criminal justice system after being cleared of child pornography allegations - claiming police illegally leaked his name to the press.

The dance music guru - better known as 3D - was cleared as a suspect under the OPERATION ORE nationwide crackdown on internet paedophiles in March (03).

But the torment he suffered as a result of the investigation, and the frenzied press coverage that accompanied it, has left the hitmaker fuming.

Rapper Naja - who was touring with his band before the investigation was dropped - says, "I knew there was never any case against me, so it was really a relief for everyone else in the tour. There was never a sense of relief on my part because I always knew that nothing would come of it.

"But when the story was leaked to the newspapers the human cost was horrible for me, my friends and family. When the police announced there was no case it was the people close to me and those around me that I really felt happy for.

"I don't really want to talk about my feelings on the British justice system. The police illegally leaked my name when I hadn't done anything and put me through so much misery. That part of the justice system certainly broke down pretty quickly."