Massive Attack have accused Pete Tong of covering their music for his 'Ibiza Classics' album without their permission.

The 'Unfinished Symphony' duo - made up of Robert '3D' Del Naja and Grant 'Daddy G' Marshall - have alleged that they weren't approached for use of their hit 'Unfinished Symphony' on the DJs latest project, which sees him combine club and classical music.

In an angry statement posted to Facebook, 3D wrote: ''Dear Pete Tong ... Thanks for covering one of our songs on your nostalgia nightmare roadshow.

''I don't recollect you getting in touch to see if we would mind, but for your information: When we play that song we display photos of displaced people in refugee camps by the photographer Giles Duley on the screen to raise awareness for their plight and collect money for UNHCR.''

Rather than call for Tong to stop using the song during his live performances with the Heritage Orchestra, the duo urged him to make a donation to the UN Refugee Agency from the money he makes from his record.

The statement continued: ''If you do mean to carry on coining it, why don't you divide your nightly profit by the number of songs you murder in your set, and hand the total of that one song over to UNHCR. It would be the least you could do.''

Tong - who has teamed up with conductor Jules Buckley on the project - is yet to respond to the allegations.

Recently, the superstar DJ commented on the changing club scene, and insisted his own audience has changed from hardcore ravers to families since working on the classical hybrid.

He previously said: ''We are seeing different generations together enjoying the music. As much as it initially appealed to the clubbers from the 80s and 90s, now families are coming to the shows.

''The old clubbers don't want to go out until six in the morning any more but still enjoy these songs.''