Soul star Mary Wilson is fighting to protect the legacies of legendary vocal groups including THE PLATTERS, The Drifters and her own band THE SUPREMES - as a stream of bogus bands impersonating the originals are stealing their gigs. Wilson, who is chairwoman of the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame's artist board, is pushing for The Truth In Music Advertising act to be passed in more states - it has already become law in North Dakota, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. The act rules that if a performer was not an original member of the group, they are banned from booking and performing under the group's name. Wilson is already aware of five fake Supremes groups, one of whom even received a lifetime achievement award in Europe acting as The Supremes. She says, "These people are defrauding the public. This is identity theft. "We make our money touring, and these people are taking gigs from us. "And some promoters don't care. If they can pay less for the bogus group than the original, they'll do it."