Mary Tyler Moore, the American actress who last worked with her friend Betty White on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' in 1977, will reunite with the 'Golden Girls' star on tonight's season premiere of 'Hot in Cleveland', reports the Examiner. The two actresses parted ways to pursue their separate careers over 30 years ago, but tonight's episode will see Tyler Moore and White sharing the screen once again.
89-year-old White appeared on Good Morning America yesterday (18th January 2011) to speak about the reunion, saying, "This is the first time in 33 and a half years we have worked together". The EMMY AWARD winning actress said that despite not acting together she still talks with Tyler Moore once every three weeks, and added, "We have remained friends since the first time we met". In tomorrow's season two premiere, White's character 'Elka' is thrown in jail, where she finds Tyler Moore's character sitting in the same cell.
'Hot in Cleveland' is an American sitcom that has become the highest rated show on 'TV Land' in the network's 14-year history. It follows the story of three entertainment industry veterans whose lives are changed after their Paris bound plane suddenly lands in Cleveland, Ohio.