Mary Tyler Moore was a hugely deserving recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, January 29th, and it was apt that her old friend and former work colleague Dick Van Dyke presented the prize to her in what was an emotional part of the ceremony - reports The Press Association.

Tyler Moore has had a distinguished career, drawing most attention during her run on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' between 1970 and 1977 in which she played a 30-something single news producer. She cut her teeth aged 18 in 1955 and worked with Van Dyke on his own comedy show 'The DICk Van Dyke Show' throughout the 60s. Introducing her to the stars gathered in attendance at the Shrine Auditorium in LA, Van Dyke commented "MTM. There's probably not a person in the civilised world who doesn't know what that means," and the veteran star didn't hold back in his admiration for her on the red carpet either, telling reporters "She was 23 and had never done comedy. I never saw somebody pick it up so fast. I still have a crush on her."

For her part, the 75 year-old told the audience last night how she might not even have found her way to stardom among the crowd of other Mary Moores already registered with the Screen Actors Guild - there were six of them in 1955. Adding her middle name to her stage moniker, it was a decision she hasn't regretted, saying "It was right. SAG was happy, my father was happy, and tonight, after having the privilege of working in this business among the most creative and talented people imaginable, I too am happy, after all."