Actress Mary Steenburgen is trying to stop her husband Ted Danson from talking about their personal life on chat shows, but the romantic actor can't help himself.

The former CHEERS star loves to talk about his family, and doesn't agree with his wife that fans are sick of him cooing about their romance on national TV.

But he's found a compromise - going on shows his wife doesn't watch.

Appearing on Monday's LATE LATE SHOW, he told host CRAIG KILBORN, "She'll never stay up this late. We can do and say anything we want," before recounting his recent eighth wedding anniversary surprise.

Danson explained that the couple were so busy working he feared any chance of spending quality time together was not to be - until he got home on the night in question.

He said, "She put some candles around the pool and some flowers and we just went skinny dipping. It was wonderful."

15/10/2003 17:17