Mary Steenburgen is desperate to take the dance lessons her husband Ted Danson bought her as a gift after kicking the hell out of partner Donnie Wahlberg in her new film. The actress had to lindy hop with Wahlberg in new movie MARILYN HOTCHKISS' BALLROOM DANCING + CHARM SCHOOL and she only wishes she had taken extensive dancing lessons before the film started. She says, "The dancing was a whole new ball game because it's so specific in the way you hold your head or your hands. "The lindy hop, that I danced with Donnie Wahlberg, is one of the most complicated dances that you could do in the ballroom competition. It's a form of the jitter bug and that's what I was most nervous about getting it right for the film. "Donnie or I would kick each other in the shins because you're literally kicking through each other's feet at different moments and, if you get it wrong, there are bruises to show for it. "I wanted to practice the lindy hop with Ted but he didn't know the steps. Ted loves to dance and we keep meaning to do it but we keep not finding the time. "He bought me a whole set of classes as a gift and we've yet to go. I'm like everybody else. I'm a total procrastinator and a hypocrite where I say I'm gonna do something and I don't."