Actress Mary Steenburgen has opened up about her battle with agoraphobia, revealing she has suffered from anxiety whenever she finds herself in a crowd of people for over 30 years.

The Back to the Future Part Iii star, who is married to actor Ted Danson, has to face her worst fears while shooting club party scenes in new movie Last Vegas and admits she has little "tricks" that help her cope.

She tells the new issue of America's Closer magazine, "I'm Ok with this, but if we were all together in a little room I would have to be near the door.

"I have certain little tricks I use on myself, some deep breathing stuff I do, and if that doesn't work, I sort of clutch my husband's hand and say, 'Get me out of here!' Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't."

Danson tells the magazine that his wife can always act her way out of a tough situation if she feels an anxiety attack: "If she has a function, like she's the host of something, or has a role (to play), she's better."