Actress Mary Steenburgen and husband Ted Danson make Christmas extra special for their family and friends - going to great lengths to make it magical.

The Hollywood couple create hilarious Christmas cards with a different family pose every year and CHEERS star Danson insists on wearing his grandfather's red vest to hand out gifts on the day itself.

Steenburgen says, "We're big on Christmas. It's a very special time for us. Ted doesn't exactly dress up as SANTA CLAUS, but he has his own version of it.

"Ted's grandfather had this red vest that he always wore at Christmas and he now puts it on to pass out presents.

"Ted's father wore the red vest and now Ted wears the red vest. Every year we have to make fun of how he looks in it and then he threatens to take it off and we say, 'No, we love it.' This has become a Christmas tradition."

Steenburgen still remembers being an excited little girl when she was younger, and she wishes she could steal a few moments on Christmas Eve to lie under the tree - just like she used to.

She adds, "When I think of Christmas, there is a part of me that always tries to get back to this tiny little house in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I'd lie on my back and look up into the Christmas tree, breathless, waiting for Christmas morning. There is a part of me that always tries to find a glimpse of that every year.

"It's hard sometimes because I'm the mom now, and there's so much to do."

24/12/2003 09:48