A 'lost' film starring Canadian actress Mary Pickford is to be restored and given a public showing.

The 1911 film Their First Misunderstanding was the first on-screen credit for Pickford, who went on to win two Oscars, but historians who follow the actress' career thought the movie had disappeared never to be seen again.

A carpenter named Peter Massie discovered a copy in a barn in 2006 with six other vintage film reels, and the US Library of Congress is now funding a project to restore it.

The barn had previously been used as a summer camp and it is thought the films had been shown to youngsters on vacation.

Massie donated the films to Keene State College, New Hampshire, where one was identified as a 'lost' Pickford movie.

Keene State College will host the public showing of the film in October (13).

Movie historian Leonard Maltin tells CBS News, "We have a list of all of Mary Pickford's films, but this was among the missing. It's like finding an early George Gershwin, or an unpublished short story by Mark Twain."