Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub got a shocking insight into Britain's notorious boozing culture when she had to shoot dawn scenes for Tv hit 24 while surrounded by drunks fresh from a nightclub.

The star, who plays agent Jack Bauer's terrorism-busting colleague Chloe O'Brian in the drama, headed to the U.K. capital earlier this year (13) to film the new series, 24: Live Another Day.

Many scenes were shot in the dead of night in a bid to deter onlookers, but Rajskub soon realised there is no such thing as a quiet evening in London when revellers spilling out of nightclubs at 5am crowded around the cameras.

She tells U.K. Tv show This Morning, "I just love filming in London... We start filming at five in the morning, so there's just people coming from the clubs - just, like, a few drunk people walking by. And then by seven, eight, nine o'clock there's a whole group of people surrounding the car - fans and stuff. So that's interesting."