Mary-Louise Parker was thrilled to make a brief cameo appearance in HOWL, the upcoming biopic of famed poet Allen Ginsberg - because she's a secret "poetry geek".
The Weeds actress plays an expert witness in a courtroom scene in the drama, which focuses on the 1957 obscenity trial which Ginsberg faced after the publication of his controversial poem Howl.
And Parker admits she was delighted to land the short role - because the poem holds sentimental memories for her.
She tells the Wall Street Journal, "I'm a huge poetry geek, and it's one of those things you would know about me if you knew me for more than a half an hour. My brother came to the hospital the day my son was born and read him Howl. It was wonderful. So I kind of did it for my brother in a way."
Spider-Man star James Franco plays Ginsberg in the forthcoming film.