Troubled Mary-Kate Olsen's twin sister ashley has revealed her sibling chose to tackle her anorexia so she was fit and ready for studies at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY this autumn (04).

Ashley has spoken exclusively with America's upcoming PEOPLE magazine about her hopes for her sister, who shocked Hollywood earlier this month (JUN04) when she checked into a treatment centre to fight her eating disorder.

She says, "She's been struggling for quite a while. She is taking the time she needs for herself. Right now is especially a good time right before school so she can get healthy."

Ashley Olsen insists her twin is doing well, thanks mainly to the support of fans.

She adds, "She's hanging in there. We all really appreciate the support we're getting from our fans and everyone else. The support's been really amazing."

Meanwhile, the Olsens' former TV show co-star John Stamos admits he was surprised when he heard about Mary-Kate's problems - and he's convinced his old friend will be fine.

Stamos, who teamed up with the Olsens when they were young kids in sitcom FULL HOUSE, says, "They were at my house recently and Mary-Kate seemed in great shape. They're gonna be fine. If that's the worst thing that can happen, they're still in good shape."

29/06/2004 02:56