LATEST: Teen actress Mary-Kate Olsen has finally been released from a health facility on Friday (23JUL04) after undergoing six weeks of treatment for an eating disorder.

The NEW YORK MINUTE star's publicist MICHAEL PAGNOTTA says she is "feeling very well" and will continue treatment privately while preparing for her first year at New York University with her twin sister ashley next month (AUG04).

Pagnotta says, "The focus right now is on school. She intends to live her day-to-day life normally. She won't be hiding. She'll be going out and doing a lot of the things that she's missed doing over the past few weeks."

Pagnotta says the MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY retail goods brand remains strong, noting, "Things are going forward there, and all of their retail partners, all of their business associates have really stood by them. Not one has been lost in this whole process."

The 18-year-old was admitted to the undisclosed treatment centre in June (04) for suspected anorexia and was originally scheduled to remain at the centre for four weeks but stayed for a total of six weeks.

27/07/2004 02:33