Teen actress Mary-Kate Olsen's battle with anorexia has inspired a controversial new line of 'Save Mary-Kate' T-shirts.

The unlikely fashion items have been launched by fledging design company RANDY AND MOSS, whose owners say they will give 20 per cent of profits from sales of the tops to America's NATIONAL EATING DISORDERS ASSOCIATION (NEDA).

Randy and Moss co-founder MELISSA MOSS says, "One night we were working on designs and reading magazines that featured Mary-Kate's eating disorder."

She and partner RANDY BOL, both 25, came up with a design and had the T-shirts ready within a week. They're now being sold on the duo's website SAVEMARYKATE.BLOGSPOT.COM, whose rallying motto is, "Together we can do this. One T-shirt at a time."

Bol sketched the picture of Mary-Kate, twin sister of ashley, complete with protruding ribs and a disproportionately large head - an image some fans have branded "grotesque".

Moss counters, "Anorexia is not a beautiful thing."

And while the shirts have been selling well, Olsen's representative MICHAEL PAGNOTTA and NEDA are far from thrilled.

Pagnotta says, "I'm not sure what Mary-Kate needs saving from."

He is quick to point out that the shirts are not endorsed by Olsen and suggests that the twins' company, DUALSTAR, may look into a possible copyright-infringement claim.

Moss says if NEDA declines to accept the donations, she and Bol will find another charity.

11/08/2004 03:13