R+B star Mary J Blige will marry fiance Kendu Isaacs on Friday (28NOV03).

The LOVE @ 1ST SIGHT singer, 32 - who credits 35-year-old Isaacs with helping her win her battles with alcohol and drugs - has announced the pair will wed at a secret location the day after Thanksgiving (27NOV03).

Although she hasn't released details of where the ceremony will take place, Blige recently said she'd like it to take place in a coastal setting, explaining, "I see it on a beach, nothing fancy, about 40 people. I'll dress in white chiffon or something, but I don't see myself wearing a tiara - that's just too much!

"All I want is to be surrounded by people who want the best for me because I'm in love. I'm in love with this person's mind

and faith in me. He's with me everywhere, like my guardian angel."

British singer and composer SIR Elton John is among those expected to attend the ceremony.

25/11/2003 21:13