Mary J. Blige says the need to ''feel really good'' is the motivation behind her fitness regime.

The 42-year-old star has been training for years in the hopes of recapturing her fitness ''zenith'' from the late 90s, when she first wore a revealing stage number that enabled her to flaunt her toned physique.

Since then she has been dedicated to maintaining a regular workout session and admits ''as you get older'' fitness can falter.

She told The Metro newspaper: ''I've been training since 1997. My break-out training moment was when I had a show at Radio City Music Hall and I remember getting ripped for the first time and I wore this little studded bra top and these low waist leather pants and that was the first time of getting a taste of looking good.

''Then I fell off. You get older, you fall off, but you keep going to maintain. I thought, 'This time I've got to reach my zenith. I'm older and need to feel really good.' ''