Mary J Blige realised she was ''vain'' when she had to go make-up free for 'Mudbound'.

The 46-year-old singer loves to adorn ''make-up,lashes, weaves, fingernail and nice shiny stuff'', but she has admitted she could not ''handle it well'' when she was told to go without the cosmetic enhancements for her role as Florence in the historical period drama.

Speaking about the production to Metro newspaper, the 'Family Affair' hitmaker said: ''I didn't handle it well but Florence was happy.

''Mary J Blige is a business so she's about make-up, lashes, weaves, fingernails and nice shiny stuff. I didn't realise how vain I was until playing Florence.''

However, the artist does not mind being caught doing a food shop in her leisure wear, or in the gym au naturel.

She continued: ''I don't mind you catching me in a supermarket in a sweatsuit or in the gym with no make-up.''

Mary has admitted she soon got used to the paired down appearance for the film and eventually found it ''refreshing and liberating'' embracing her natural look.

She explained: ''But to live like Florence and to walk around natural like her is not something I do. But then after a day, it was refreshing and liberating.''

And instead of feeling apprehensive about going bare faced the 'Just Fine' musician soon found her ''self confidence'' had been boosted.

She said: ''It actually gave me a lot of self confidence.''

But Mary is not bothered by other people's opinions of her as a person and refuses to ''beat herself up'' about negative comments.

Speaking previously, the 'No More Drama' star said: ''If you believe what everybody else says you are, you're going to grind yourself down into the ground.

''Do you believe you're a good person? Do you believe you're smart? Do you believe you're going to achieve what you need to achieve? Yes! Then don't worry about it.

''You can't do anything about what other people say about you. You can only affect what you're going to do...

''Don't beat yourself up about things that you can't do anything about.

''That comes from personal experience.

''People are always going to use the worst things against you so it's up to you to not use those things against you.

''Try to be lighter on yourself, laugh about yourself. Don't beat yourself up.''