Mary J Blige was so suspicious of her husband Kendu Isaacs when they first started dating she thought his first Valentine's Day (14FEB) surprise was a sign he was cheating.

The R+B superstar and Isaacs are preparing for their first Valentine's Day as man and wife, but their romance started badly when jealous Blige felt sure her man had another woman.

Blige admits she thought her then-boyfriend's weak excuses for missing out on their first special day together was a clear sign he was being unfaithful.

She says, "I was on my way to Los Angeles. He told me he couldn't go with me because he had to work, but I didn't believe him. I thought he was staying behind to be with another woman.

"But when I got to the hotel, there were rose petals everywhere. I just thought he had sent me some flowers."

In fact Isaacs had been there for hours, setting up candles and rose petals so he could treat his girlfriend. The romantic producer was actually hiding in a closet when Blige arrived.

Blige recalls, "I felt sad because I knew I'd hurt him with all the things I'd said. I hugged him tight and he looked so sincere. I fell deeper in love with him right then."

04/02/2004 13:39