SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has won another assault civil suit brought against him by a limousine driver who claimed the rap mogul's bodyguards roughed him up at a 1995 Mary J Blige concert.

Diddy was ordered to pay $450,000 (GBP250,000) to CEDRICK (corr) BOBBY LEMON following an incident at JOEL COLISEUM in North Carolina, but the decision was overturned by the local Court of Appeals yesterday (01JUN04).

Lemon claimed he was beaten in June 1995 by bodyguards trying to clear the backstage area at the Joel Coliseum show. Combs hired the minders to protect Blige.

In his lawsuit, the victim, who claims he was punched in the head and kicked him in the back, alleged Combs was negligent because he failed to properly train his bodyguards.

Lemon has not decided whether to appeal the decision.

In February (04), a Detroit, Michigan, jury ruled in favour of Combs in a lawsuit filed by TV talk-show host Roger Mills, who alleged he was roughed up by the hip-hop impresario's entourage.

02/06/2004 20:56