Mary J Blige credits her husband with giving her the motivation to turn her life around after years of addiction and abuse. The BE WITHOUT YOU STAR was in a downward spiral when she met Kendu Isaacs, who encouraged her to seek treatment. She tells American publication Parade her life at the time left her "totally done, spinning out of control, suicidal. I was that miserable." The 36-year-old met Isaacs, a talent manager and producer, through Queen Latifah and admits, "We met when I hated men." She says Isaacs convinced her to get help saying, "He said, 'Mary, I've got something to tell you that's going to hurt, but it will help you heal. "You're scarred inside. It's like you have a cut, and it's infected. You have to let me put proper medicine on it so it can heal.' Guys didn't ever talk to me like that." The couple married three years ago and live in New Jersey with his two youngest children, ages seven and eight, from a previous marriage. She adds, "After I met him, everything changed in my life."