Soul diva Mary J Blige kicked her addiction to alcohol after boyfriend Kendu Isaacs issued the ultimatum, 'Me or the drink'.

The troubled LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT singer had been fighting a losing battle against her addictions to alcohol and drugs, but the thought of losing the man she loved was enough to make her stop her wild ways altogether.

She says, "When we started dating he was desperate to help me with what was going on in my life. But I was still drinking and doing everything under the sun.

"And then one day he just said to me, 'The doctors said you were going to die if you keep drinking and I can't sit around and watch you destroy yourself and watch you come home drunk every night, so I'm going to leave.'

"I was so shocked, I couldn't believe I was about to lose one of the best guys I've ever met. So I had to make a choice - the alcohol and the fake friends, or him. So I made the decision to choose him."

30/10/2003 13:27