Hip-hop and soul queen Mary J Blige is looking forward to motherhood, it means she can dish out all the love she never got.

The singer, who is engaged to music executive Kendu Isaacs, can't wait to start a family because she knows what not to do as a mum.

Blige admits she grew up with a number of personality problems because she was constantly being told to shut up by her older relatives.

She says, "I think I'm prepared because I have a lot of love for myself. I love what I am and everything I'm about to be, and I love what I'm not.

"With a child you have to give and give. You can't be like, 'You look like your father, get outta my face you ugly motherf*****. I've seen kids get beat senseless in the street.

"There are certain things I will not do to my kids - I'm not gonna treat them bad. If they wanna sing I'm not gonna tell them to shut up. I'm gonna be there with them."

20/08/2003 02:12