R+B star Mary J Blige is desperate to play Nina Simone in a planned biopic of the singing legend. The 35-year-old NO MORE DRAMA hitmaker, who would make her big screen debut in the film, insists the pair have lots in common. She tells MTV.com, "They're still writing the script. That's the last news I've gotten. "She (Simone) was just incredible. The things we have in common is that we both move people, we're about truth, we stand up for what we believe in and we have morals at the end of the day. "Her husband was managing her, and my husband manages me, and we're people that are not afraid to walk through the fire. "Nina Simone was vocally incredible; she just gave you those goose bumps." Simone died in 2003, aged 70, after a long battle with cancer.