Mary J Blige is proud to be low-maintenance, after throwing tantrums and being a "terrible person" during her drink and drug addictions.

Blige quit her vices in 2001 after the death of fellow R+B singer Aaliyah made her question where her life was going. And now she's sober, the FAMILY AFFAIR star has buried her former diva persona.

She explains, "There were stories of me being a terrible person, throwing tantrums and cussing out interviewers, and they're all true, because I didn't understand the business at all. I was ignorant, unaware, crazy animal.

"I'm very low-maintenance unless I've got a show or a photo shoot. Then I need my clothes and my jewels and my humidifiers and my hot water and my iPod, so I can warm up.

"But I'm not into weird stuff just to mess with people. Like DIDDY making kids walk to Brooklyn to get him a certain kind of cheesecake? Please, I'm not into that. Those kids will end up spitting in your coffee. I think about stuff like that."