Mary J Blige has slammed former employees who are out to break-up her happy marriage by circulating rumours the romance is on the rocks. The Family Affair singer had to face questions about the state of her union with manager/husband Kendu Isaacs just before Christmas (06) after reports they'd split hit the Internet. The R+B star insists the rumours were circulated by disgruntled ex-employees, who make too much of nothing. She says, "That's people that come around... You hire them and then you fire them, and then they're disgruntled and then they start rumours over maybe something, like, they probably seen us having a quick argument or something like that. "When I get angry, I get angry. That's just Mary... I go to the point where it looks like something, but it's not what you think it is. "These people walk away... and they go and sell something to whoever they're selling it to. They're only doing that because they're mad at us because we fired them. "People are mad and jealous and haters. They hatin' on me because I actually want a better life for myself. "I refuse to be subjected to being a crab in the barrel because everybody wants me to suffocate with them."