Mary Hart, the host of 'Entertainment Tonight', recently announced that she is set to leave the show after a 30-year-reign, and will be replaced by NANCY O'DELL, however, the decision has left Lara Spencer fuming. Hart announced that she is set to retire in August 2011, and wished her successor the best of luck for her new role, but Spencer was apparently promised the job first, reports the New York Post.
Spencer, who is currently the host of 'The Insider', was originally offered the 'Entertainment Tonight' job after the program's producer LINDA BELL had given the thumbs-down to O'Dell early in proceedings. However, O'Dell's agent JOHN FERRITER went straight to CBS boss Les Moonves and persuaded him to reverse the decision and hire O'Dell. 41-year-old Spencer was reportedly coaxed into moving her family to Los Angeles two years ago in anticipation of landing the role, however, sources claim that she never got the call with the bad news.
Until 2009, O'Dell was co-host on the NBC entertainment news show 'Access Hollywood' with Billy Bush, however, she currently contributes to the 'Today Show', and 'Dateline'. She will be eased into her new role by firstly acting as a substitute co-anchor, before taking over from Hart permanently at the end of the season.