Adult entertainer Mary Carey has dropped out of the running for the California Governor elections in November (06) - she has relocated to Florida to take care of her injured mother The busty bombshell - born MARY ELLEN COOK - famously lost out to Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 election And she has taken herself out of the competition to be with her mentally ill mother, who is still in a critical condition after jumping off a four-storey building last month (SEP06) Carey says, "She's schizophrenic and didn't take her medication and jumped off a building "She broke both of her legs, shattered her feet and shattered four vertebrae in back It's remarkable she survived "As much as I want to help the state of California be a better place, I think it is more important to be with my mom and help her I am only 26 and have many more years to be involved in politics "For now I would just like to ask everyone to pray for a healthy recovery "