Marvin Humes wants ''at least four'' children.

The 28-year-old star - who has six-month old daughter Alaia-Mai with his wife, The Saturdays star Rochelle - wants to expand his family but is waiting for his tiny tot to get a little older before giving her a sibling.

Marvin told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I'd love more kids - at least four - but I think we'll wait until Alaia's two to three.''

Despite Marvin and Rochelle's hectic schedules they make sure they both have Sundays off so they can spend time with Alaia-Mai and as a family.

Marvin - who is preparing for the JLS farewell tour, DJs on London's Capital FM Radio station and will present the next series of BBC talent show 'The Voice' - explained: ''It's all about balance. We both work a lot, but we're so lucky to have a support network of our parents around us. They help us out.

''What we do has created a great life for our family. We don't come from privileged backgrounds so whatever we achieve only improve our daughter's life. I'm always saying to Rochelle I don't know how single mothers do it. We always make sure we have Sundays off so we spend the whole day together with the baby.''

The couple - who married in July 2012 - also make sure they have weekly ''date nights'' to keep the romance in their relationship alive.

Marvin revealed: ''You have to remember why you got together. Rochelle and I try to have a date night once a week. Sometimes a double date with another couple, as long as we make the effort to be a couple and not just parents. Plus it can only be a good thing for your child if mum and dad are both happy.''