British singer Marvin Humes refuses to buy his younger brother anything for Christmas, because he lavishes gifts on him throughout the year.

The JLS star has two brothers, Jackson and Leon, and often hands them designer goods he is sent for free by fashion houses.

Humes insists he gives his youngest sibling so many freebies, he doesn't bother to buy anything for him to open on Christmas morning.

He tells Digital Spy, "We're grateful that we can look after our families all year round - especially our brothers who get our cast-off clothes,not hand-me-downs you've worn for five years - these are brand-new clothes.

"Every three months I do a clearout. It's embarrassing how much clothes we get given, and what we don't wear we give to family or charity.

"My little brother gets the most from me throughout the year, so when Christmas comes I don't get him anything!"