Marvin Humes is going to get wife Rochelle a sentimental gift this Christmas.

While the JLS star knows his spouse would love yet another expensive handbag or pair of diamond earrings, he is planning a thoughtful and romantic gift for The Saturdays singer, with whom he is expecting his first child.

Marvin said: ''All girls love diamonds and handbags, but obviously my wife is fortunate that she...''

His band mate J.B. Gill interrupted: ''She's got her diamonds, now she wants more!''

Marvin finished: ''But you do have to think outside the box and get more sentimental presents - I can't just go out and buy a handbag.''

Meanwhile, J.B. claims Christmas is about spending time with his family and he doesn't care how much his presents cost, but he would only be happy if he was given expensive pants and socks.

He mused: ''I'm definitely getting older because I'm not as fussed on the present front. I'd much prefer to be around the people I love... I prefer the simple stuff such as nice boxers and socks - Armani and Calvin Klein ones.''

Ortise Williams chimed in: ''Not everyone's going to buy you boxers, man! I need white T-shirts, they go with everything.''