Marvin Humes has faced a lot of rejection.

The JLS star had to overcome countless obstacles in life before he found success with his bandmates on UK reality TV show 'The X Factor' in 2008 and has advised people not to give up on their dreams in the face of knockbacks.

He told MTV: ''I would say the more nos [you get in life], the closer you get to a yes. You could be as good a dancer as Michael Jackson and you're not always going to be right for certain things.

''So whenever you walk into a room, give the best that you can so that people will remember you for other things that come up.''

Marvin - who is expecting a baby with his wife Rochelle Humes - also admitted he had his fair share of poorly paid jobs before rising to pop stardom, and advised people to be as motivated and hardworking as possible.

Offering his support to hopefuls of the MTV Student Of The Year prize, which will land the winner a paid internship with the company, the singer said: ''I used to wash cars on my street and had to wake up on a Sunday morning in the freezing cold. But I had to make money so I did it.

''Always say yes if you're asked to do something! Don't say that you can't do it, just give it a try and be confident.''