Marvin Humes cried when his band JLS split up.

The 28-year-old singer - who is now presenting BBC One talent show 'The Voice' alongside Emma Willis - has admitted that his final concert with his former bandmates brought tears to his eyes.

He said: ''I'm sensitive, I've got feeling but I don't cry. There's nothing wrong with guys who do. But the JLS concert was huge. We got to the very last song of the very last show - Everybody in Love is our encore track - and I couldn't sing.

''All of us were in tears. We're such close brothers, it made us realise, 'This is it.'''

Despite crying at the break-up of his band - who were runners up on the UK version of the 'X Factor' in 2008 - Marvin claims he didn't shed a tear at his wedding to 'The Saturdays' star Rochelle Humes or when their daughter Alaia-Mai was born last year.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he added: ''When my daughter was born, that was obviously really emotional. That and getting married were the most incredible moments - but I didn't feel I was going to cry. I'm just a happy person.''