Hotly-tipped singer Martina Topley Bird had to take a lengthy break from music after working with TRICKY - for the sake of their daughter.

The angel-voiced NEED ONE singer made her name as an 18-year-old on trip-hop star Tricky's classic debut album MAXINQUAYE but dropped out from the music scene soon afterwards.

Now, after a four-year break, she's about to release her debut solo album. And she admits she needed the time off after the stresses of touring with Tricky, the father of her daughter MAZY, now eight.

She says, "The touring was tough, basically because I didn't have enough energy to do that as well as look after my daughter.

"It was just too stressful, until I decided that everything had to fit around Mazy. It was that simple, really. And that is still the case."

But although now separated from Tricky, Topley Bird continues to share child-rearing duties with the BLACK STEEL star.

She adds, "It's actually all rather simple once you break it down into simple components and if you are principled and go for a path that's constructive rather than destructive. We have a shared future and that's our priority."

26/05/2003 20:56