The first trials of this year's team-based I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! have been won by Home Camp, designated "camp camp" by Joe Swash.

The former EastEnder was the first to succeed, winning Martina Navratilova, George Takei, Brian Paddick and Dani Behr the chance to live in relative jungle luxury.

The celebrities' route to Home Camp, including camp beds, a London bus and good food, saw Swash beat singer Simon Webbe at collecting stars from the eel-, rat-, and scorpion-infected trauman tank.

"Bravo, thank you. Joe is our hero," said Star Trek and Heroes actor Takei. "We are very lucky. We are blessed to have Joe on our team."

But for the losers, taking their name from the Away Camp that is now their home, jungle rubbish, basic rations and the prospect of sleeping on the floor was what greeted them following the former Blue singer's loss.

But politician/TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk, joined in Away Camp by models Carly Zucker and Nicola McLean, as well as Esther Rantzen, said there were no hard feelings.

"I don't think anyone seriously blames him in any way but there may have been some kind of residual feeling of disappointment in him," Kilroy-Silk said. "I thought he would deliver."

In the ensuing Busktucker Trial, Zucker faced former TV personality Behr in 'long drop'.

Zucker was unable to provide any respite for Away Camp, with Behr braving cockroaches and grasshoppers to pull a lever that left her opponent dangling 200ft over a valley.

But Joe Cole's partner was not to downbeat about the loss. "By me doing this trial I've proved that I'm stronger than I think," she said.

Later in Home Camp, the celebrities discussed sexuality, including residual stigmas with being gay and civil partnerships.

"Look around this camp," said Swash. "You've got a head of police, a famous actor and one of the world's best tennis players so it's not like you can't do things as good as a straight person.

"Shall we call it the camp camp?"

I'm a Celebrity... returned for its eighth series on ITV1 on Sunday. Previous winners include Kerry Katona, Carol Thatcher and Christopher Biggins.

17/11/2008 02:00:00