Dancing With The Stars opened its fourteenth season with some surprisingly high scores - its highest-scoring opening show in fourteen seasons, in fact. The 'buzz' that was created with the record-breaking scores has been met with cynicism in some quarters though, as the show has been publicly criticised in recent weeks for its lacklustre line-up of virtual unknowns.

Although some of the stars competing in the dancing contest are household names (Martina Navratilova, Gladys Knight) others, such as the Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins and 'the Mexican Brad Pitt' William Levy will have little in the way of public support going into the show. It was no surprise to Entertainment Weekly, then, that Katherine and William both scored an impressive 26 points. The entertainment blog interpreted this as the producers' way of creating some hype around their lesser-known contestants. "With such generous marks," writes Carrie Borzillo, "it's hard to not think: Were the judges unusually kind to the amateurs to help generate excitement for the otherwise lackluster cast?"

The Show Tracker blog over at Los Angeles Times was more forgiving, though, saying "sure, the scoring seemed a bit inflated and uneven, but perhaps everyone was high from all the good feelings in the room," before admitting to having had no idea who Katherine Jenkins was before the show started: "The world's most prolific classical artist? Who?" Katherine has already acknowledged that she'll be relying on her dance moved to win the crowd over and it seems to have worked. "After this week's routine," the Show Tracker review reads, "I think I've found a new favorite, as her personality is infectious, as seen during the nugget of joy that was her happy 'Peanuts' dance during her rehearsals with Mark Ballas."