The 50-year-old country singer will undoubtedly be aware of the controversy that has ensued since Donald Trump was inaugurated as U.S. President in January (17). However, she avoids politics because she prefers to maintain a positive attitude as much as possible.

"There's just so much negative coverage of the negative things going on in the world - not only political - but it seems like the press really covers some more negative stories than really the positive things going on in the world," she told "I really wanted to stay away from that in my everyday life, rather than have a 24-hour, seven-day a week diet of it.

"You have to protect yourself, or else you will see the world ending, and it's really not."

Concrete Angel star Martina is one of the most respected artists in the country music industry, with a staggering 14 Grammy nominations to her name, as well as winning 18 other awards including the Country Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year.

She is currently on her nationwide Love Unleashed tour, and is hoping some of her positive attitude brushes off on audience members when they come to see her perform.

"There are a lot of really great things going on and I really wanted to create a space in my concert where it's just really all about positivity and love and everybody could just leave the world outside for a couple of hours and really leave the concert feeling more positive and uplifted," she smiled.

Martina will be on the road with her tour until mid-March (17).