The country star is hitting the road for her Love Unleashed tour in October (16), and she is hoping the trek will be something special for fans in a world full of bad vibes, bad news and technology.

"I just want to shower the room with love and positive energy through music," she tells "Right now I'm still in the daydreaming stage. We have a name and a concept to the tour, which is really just creating this environment where you can get away from the craziness in the world that we're inundated with all day, every day with the news and everything going on right now."

And the singer is getting ready for the trek by cancelling out technology at home.

"In my family we've been just consciously getting away from it more and more and just listening to more music," she says. "We sit around and listen to vinyl together. We talk around the dinner table. We're just doing more things as a family, connecting, and trying to not let all of that negative stuff get into you, because it does.

"It can start to affect the way you feel. You just end up being scared a lot of the time. I just want to create a space where people can come and forget all of that for a couple of hours and just enjoy being together."

And she is also focusing on trying to break her cell phone addiction at home and is urging her fans to put their mobile devices down during her concerts.

"It's really shocking to me, over the past few years, and I'm including me, I'm right there with everybody else, we've become addicted to this phone. There's no downtime," she continues. "I do wish there was a way we could all get away from that. It's just got to be a conscious decision that people are going to have to make because it's an addiction plain and simple."