Country star Martina McBride will journey across America on a new whistle-stop train tour to promote the launch of her upcoming album next month (Oc11).
MCBride will embark on a four-day train ride via passenger rail company Amtrak and greet fans in 11 cities to mark the release of her new record Eleven in October (11).
The hitmaker will kick-off the whirlwind tour with a performance in Los Angeles and wrap up the journey with a gig in New York, and the Broken Wing singer can't wait to make the cross-country trek.
She says, "This album is very special to me and I wanted to be able to share it with my fans far and wide. I also wanted to do something that has never been done before. I thought what better way to do that than with a cross-country train ride with Amtrak, where we make several stops along the way? Eleven stops to be exact. I'm so excited for this journey across America."
However, MCBride isn't actually the first singer to travel across America by train - folk group Mumford & Sons went on a six-day Railroad Revival Tour from California to Louisiana earlier this year (11).