Actor Martin Short gave U.S. TV audiences a late night laugh on Wednesday (19Jan11) with a song and dance spoof about troubled stars in rehab.
Short was appearing as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman when the host asked him mid-interview if he would care to perform a song.
The funnyman obliged and told the audience as he made his way to the stage: "You know in my business, or in our business, there's a traditional career path: TV, movies, then Broadway, your own special, reality show host, the Palm Springs Follies, and then this show... But the challenge on this magical journey is to stay relevant and fresh. And if you really want to remain white hot in the press - there's only one place to go."
As the music began a pair of back-up singers and a drummer appeared onstage, dancing behind him.
And Short used his musical moment to mock troubled stars who've hit headlines for all the wrong reasons, as pictures of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Liza Minnelli and Whitney Houston flashed up on a big screen.
As the audience roared, he sang: "If you want to be a star/Then you better go to rehab/Take some pills and hit the bar/Then smile for People magazine.
"You can ridicule my plan/Who would want to go to rehab? Now Robert Downey's Iron Man/No one makes more than Charlie Sheen.
"There may be alcohol or pills/Or something nobody expects... I'll check back out and check back in!"