Actor Martin Short went on tour as a stand-up comedian to cope with his grief after his wife Nancy Dolman passed away.

The Canadian singer/actress lost her battle with ovarian cancer in August 2010, aged just 58, leaving behind her partner of 20 years, Short, and their three adult children, Katherine, Oliver, and Henry.

The Father of the Bride funnyman was so devastated by the loss, he planned a number of one-man shows that autumn (10) to distract himself from the pain.

Speaking about her "awful" death to Vanity Fair magazine, he says, "When you're putting on your suit in Boston (Massachusetts), Nancy couldn't have been there. So life is normal. It's here (at home) that it's not as normal."

Short insists life as a widower is still a challenge, adding, "We became one human being. (Now life is) like a plane that continues to fly with one engine."