Actor Martin Sheen has pleaded with his son CHARLIE and daughter-in-law Denise Richards to end their bitter war of words and plan ahead for a friendlier future. THE WEST WING star is upset by the feud that is tearing his family apart and thinks it's high time the couple stop and think about their children. He says, "I've asked all sides to stop for a minute, to have a ceasefire... What's really at stake are the future of these little kids, LOLA and SAM. "I have every confidence that both Charlie and Denise will become friends; it'll take a while, obviously... It's a terrible nuisance that it's gone as far as it has and the way that it has." But Sheen admits he does feel for his son, who was recently attacked in legal documents by his estranged wife, who claimed the actor was obsessed with internet porn and gambling and made threats towards her and her family when Richards first decided their marriage was over. The actor adds, "He feels he's under attack. Some of the charges are absolutely outrageous... He's holding up pretty well."