Veteran actor Martin Sheen has thanked his fellow students at Galway's National University Of Ireland for giving him an "extraordinary adventure". The Apocalypse Now star began an English Literature degree at the academic establishment in September (06). The 66-year-old's family hailed from Tipperary in Ireland. He says, "I've been coming here pretty regularly over the years since 1973. "I have always had this romantic image of studying in Ireland. I never went to college and I couldn't erase it from my imagination and when The West Wing was drawing to a close and I knew I would have that window, I said it is now or never. "This country has maintained its humanity and it is reflected in the feeling of community everywhere, people don't say hello to you here, they bless you. It is wonderful I have had the most extraordinary adventure the last four months. "I have never felt more at home. Ireland to me is the safest place on Earth."