Martin Sheen will be helping Charlie Sheen with his 'Anger Management'. Calm down though folks, Sheen junior hasn't gone crackers again, his old man's merely set to appear in the star's comeback TV show in which Charlie plays an Anger Management therapist - though there is a caveat. The Washington Post reports that the show was picked up by US network FX on a "10-90" deal, meaning that the show runs for an initial 10 episodes and then, if it's achieved the ratings deemed acceptable by the network, it's taken on for the rest of its full order of 100 episiodes.
How does this affect Martin Sheen's involvement? Well, he'll only be appearing in the program should those extra 90 episodes be taken on, something that FX are extremely confident of it doing, with the first two episodes running back to back and taking ratings of 5.5 million. If he does play a role, the elder Sheen will be playing a role familiar to him - Charlie's character's dad.
"We have the right to wait for every single number of the first 10 episodes, and we're going to take that prerogative," FX chief JOHN LANDGRAF said, adding that based on the numbers for episodes 3 through 6, "the odds are overwhelming it will earn that renewal." The move to get Martin in is in order to make 'Anger Management' a "multi-generational" show, something FX thinks will be key to its success.