Martin Scorsese considers filming on a golf course as his worse moment during the making of THE AVIATOR - as he prefers to "stay indoors".

The New York-born film-maker, 62, felt uncomfortable shooting a scene between LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Cate Blanchett on the Beverly Hills fairway - and was particularly "appalled" by the number of nocturnal insects.

Scorsese says, "Yes, I'd never been on one before. I'm an urban person. I like to stay indoors.

"I figured it would be safe. We had all the shots worked out. I'd just sit in a chair and watch.

"Then the sun went down too fast. The mosquitoes came out. All those insects. I was appalled. It was too awful.

"I don't like chemicals being sprayed on me. The outdoors isn't for me. I prefer to stay home."

23/12/2004 17:41