Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese is surprised he hasn't won an ACADEMY AWARD, but has grown to accept he may never pick up a coveted OSCAR.

Scorsese's latest film, The Aviator, is hotly tipped to win many awards at the 2005 Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles, but the film-maker has no expectations he'll win anything.

The 62-year-old says, "I don't know how much it means to me anymore. It's more about the movie at this point because I'm too old for it.

"I think when you're young and have that first burst of energy and make five or six pictures in a row that tell the stories of all the things in life you want to say. Well, maybe those are the films that should have won me the Oscar.

"When Taxi Driver (1976) was up for Best Picture, it got three other nominations: Best Actor (Robert De Niro), Best Supporting Actress (JODIE FOSTER), and Best Music. But the director and writer (Paul Schrader) were overlooked.

"I was so disappointed, I said, 'You know what, that's the way it's going to be.' What was I going to do, go home and cry?

"You don't make pictures for Oscars."

24/12/2004 13:07