Martin Scorsese will resume work on 'The Devil in the White City' in January.

The 74-year-old movie directing legend had to stop working on the adaptation of the 2003 Eric Larson non-fiction book 'The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America' earlier this year whilst he wrapped the production of his new film 'Silence', but has said he will pick up where he left off in the new year.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun newspaper, Scorsese said: ''Right now, there is a script being worked on... One of the things that I had to stop for the past six months... was my meetings on that script. They want me to start again in January and see if we can find a way because it's an extraordinary story.''

When the movie finally does get made, it will see Leonardo Dicaprio take on the lead role, as he owns the rights to the book - after purchasing them back in 2010 - and has reportedly long wanted to adapt it with Scorsese in the director's chair.

Although no plot details have been revealed as of yet, the book on which the movie is based focuses on the story of serial killer Doctor H. H. Holmes who lured his victims to their deaths in his elaborately constructed ''Murder Castle.''

Holmes' castle was complete with gruesome devices such as a gas chamber, dissection table, and a crematorium to dispose of the bodies. Holmes would have the skeletons of his victims removed and sell them for medical and scientific study.

Paramount won the rights to distribute the feature in 2015.

As of yet, there is no release date confirmed for the project, as it is still in early development.