Martin Scorsese is to return to the music world again as he releases a documentary about the life of George Harrison.
The documentary includes previously unseen private letters, home movie footage and personal stories of George Harrison as told by close friends including Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Scorsese has blended the music and film worlds together before with his Bob Dylan study, No Direction Home and Rolling Stones documentary, Shine A Light. The documentary also includes a heart-felt interview from Ringo Starr who recalls the last time he spoke to his friend Harrison just before he died. The documentary also deals with the women in the former Beatles life including the love triangle between Eric Clapton, his first wife and model Pattie Boyd and himself.
George Harrison was born in Liverpool, England in 1943. He was to become a member of the legendary Beatles after being asked to join by school friend Paul Mccartney. During his time with the band he embraced Indian culture and eventually became a Hindu and also learned to play Indian instruments such as the sitar. Although he wrote some of the songs that featured on various Beatles' albums it was not until the band broke up that he was allowed to express himself and went on to release 17 solo albums throughout his career. He died of lung cancer in 2001.