Paula Petrella has been locked in a legal dispute with executives at MGM Holdings Inc. since the late 1990s, amid claims they illegally based the 1980 Robert De Niro picture on a copyrighted script her dad had written in 1963.

However, she didn't file suit until 2009, when she demanded royalties from the continued commercial use of the picture.

Her case was twice dismissed in court in San Francisco, California, citing her long delay in taking legal action, but last year (14), officials at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. overturned the previous ruling, allowing Petrella to renew her lawsuit and pursue her claims.

The two sides have since reached an out-of-court settlement and the federal judge overseeing the case was notified of the confidential deal on Friday (03Apr15).

Frank Petrella died in 1981 - the same year Raging Bull, starring De Niro as real-life boxer Jake LaMotta, won two Oscars.